Charlotte Ramirez

Company Employed With: Ballantyne Diagnostic and Sleep Center
Job Title: Technical Director, Operations Manager
Number of Years of Sleep Associated Experience: 13 years

  1. Should individuals, who are not in the field of sleep medicine be allowed to attend CSS meetings? (Example, should a spouse or friend be allowed to attend the workshop or educational meeting?)  Yes
  2. The Sleep medicine field is changing drastically.  Can you give us your perspective on the current climate i.e. home testing, 3-to-1 patient ration, etc…?  I believe there are times where running three patients is acceptable but should not be mandatory or the “new” way sleep medicine goes.  Running 3:1 ration limits the amount of time you get to dedicate to your other patients making it difficult to educate them properly and put them at ease.  Home testing also serves a purpose but I don’t feel that it should replace the Gold Standard in-lab study.  I have observed false negatives too many times.  Not to mention that there is no guarantee that the patient is even the one using the test during the night.
  3. Are you satisfied with the current meeting location or number of events?  Would you prefer to have the CSS meeting at a different location?  If so, where?  Yes, I would like to see a Fall event held in the NC mountains and online course offered.
  4. What subject matter would you like to see presented at future workshops/educational meetings?  How to integrate home testing into your facility.  How to start supplying DME to your patients.
  5. What is your current position and how will it help you serve the CSS?  I am currently serving as Public Relations for the CSS.  I feel that I am able to think outside the box and bring ideas to continue to improve the way we at CSS do things to make everyone’s experiences better.
  6. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions for review and consideration.  I have served on the CSS board over the past year and have a much better understanding on what is expected of me.  I have a great working relationship with the board members and would like to be able to continue serving the CSS in the future.