About Us

The corporation for the CSS is organized as a non-profit charter in the state of South Carolina and conducts activities primarily within, but not necessarily restricted to the state of South Carolina.  The primary purpose of the CSS is to promote the benefits of Polysomnography (PSG) and Sleep Medicine.

The Purposes of the Society

  1. To conduct educational activities relative to the field of Polysomnography;
  2. To promote the highest level of clinical standards for patient care and safety;
  3. To provide a means by which those in the field of Sleep Medicine may communicate;
  4. To locally support and advance a professional identity that is related to both a professional technological function of allied health care generally, as well as to the field of Sleep Medicine specifically.
  5. To manage funds appropriate to the purposes of the Society, and;
  6. To exercise all powers conferred on corporations formed under South Carolina non-profit statutes, including, but not limited to, the power to accept donations of money or property, whether real or personal, or any interest therein, wherever situated.

Click here for the Carolina Sleep Society By-Laws.

We primarily conduct our activities/meetings in the Spring.  From time to time, we may alternate the location of the CSS to another city within South Carolina that best serves the CSS members’ needs.  The Regular Session of our meetings are a 2-day educational opportunity for our members.  Continuing Education Credit is provided for those who attend the complete session.  CEUs are not distributed per speaker, but are awarded at the end of the Regular Session.  The workshops are a recent addition at the request of our members and provide a class or mini-course by qualified instructors.  Participants receive additional CEUs at the close of the workshop.